RAISE Health Initiative

RAISE Health is an initiative to improve the health of women and men factory and farm workers in developing countries through changes in global and corporate policies and workplace practices. Effective management of workplace health is good for companies and workers alike, resulting in better health and morale, better labor-management relations, empowerment of women, and better use of company health investments. Worker health is typically one of the most neglected areas in business

Since 2014, RAISE Health has been a major activity of the Evidence Project. RAISE collaborates with companies, global health groups, governments, and civil society organizations to promote practical steps for strengthening corporate policies at the global level, and establishing good practices in supply chains. This is based on evidence of successful workplace health models and improved business results with the goal of ultimately, improving the access to quality FP/RH services and better health outcomes for women in the workplace.

Our goal is to use the existing business systems of corporations and their supplier farms and factories to address the health needs of millions of women and men workers in such overlooked areas as family planning, reproductive health, maternal and child health, nutrition, hygiene, and other important health concerns.

RAISE Health promotes worker health by:

  1. Developing and advocating for better policies within the global framework of standards, codes, and compliance for corporations and their supply chains. This framework is influenced by a range of international and government actors in corporate social responsibility, human rights, certification processes for fair trade, labor rights, and the environment.
  1. Documenting and disseminating best practices. This includes addressing policies, standards, and legal requirements of multinational corporations as well as the management functions relating to worker health.

Meridian launched RAISE Health in 2012, which built on its experience in the less developed world design programs for workplaces as sources of valuable health services and information for vulnerable women and men workers, especially for access to reproductive health (RH) services.  Improving women’s and worker health has been a low priority for most multi-national corporations and their supply chain companies in low and middle income countries.  Although the global economy has changed dramatically with more women joining the formal workforce, health at the work place is viewed through a narrow and traditional lens of occupational health and safety (OHS) compliance. By ignoring wide health issues, companies are missing a prime opportunity to improve the health, well-being and productivity of their workforces.

RAISE Health focused on practical actions and policies that corporations and standard-setting bodies can adopt that both promote worker and women’s health and business value.  Meridian has been a leader in developing the business case for health, producing return on investment studies that indicate business benefits from a greater investment in worker health.

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