Workplace Health

Meridian has more than 15-year’s experience implementing workplace health programs and designing new models for improving health activities by companies.  We collaborate with companies, global health groups, and civil society organizations to design workplace programs for corporations and their supplier farms and factories to engage more effectively in the health of their workers.


  • In Tanzania, we helped design and implement a health program, called Healthy Images of Manhood, focused on changing men’s health behaviors at Unilever Tea Tanzania. The company replicated this program at its subsidiary in Kenya.
  • In Pakistan and Egypt, we provided technical assistance in the launch and implementation of these early workplace sites of the women health education initiative, HERproject, developed by Business for Social Responsibility. We also produced two return on investment studies for HERproject.
  • In Haiti, we partnered with a garment factory to develop a model for strengthening the general and reproductive health services on site by building capacity of human resources staff to overseeing health activities and instituting good practices and processes.


Business has much to gain from a greater focus on worker health, particularly for women workers, in terms of productivity, workforce development, and returns on existing investments in health services and programs.