Behavior Change Communications

Meridian is an expert in targeted Behavior Change Communications approaches that support its work in social marketing, workplace programs and public private partnerships.  For more than 15 years, Meridian has  worked on BCC activities that address such health issues as malaria, healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy (HTSP), emergency contraception, male engagement in women’s and family health, HIV/AIDS and social marketed products.

Our expertise includes:

  • Community Mobilization

Meridian has developed and implemented campaigns to mobilize grassroots community support for health activities.  We developed the communications strategy for an Indoor Residual Spraying program to combat malaria as a partner of Research Triangle Institute (RTI) funded by the President’s Malaria Initiative.  We oversaw activities in 14 Subsaharan African countries, including developing guidelines on how to conduct community mobilization activities in the program.

  • Workplace Health Programs

Meridian has partnered with several leading NGOs in the healthcare field to design and implement health projects within private sector These included male engagement programs in Uttar Pradesh, India, to mobilize men to support and use contraception as part of the RESPOND project (EngenderHealth); and in Tanzania and Kenya with Unilever Tea to improve the health behaviors of male workers as part of the Extending Service Delivery project (Pathfinder International).  Currently, Meridian is also working with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) in Bangladesh and Egypt, on improving workplace practices.

  • Advertising & Media Campaign

Meridian has worked with the private sector and leading pharmaceutical companies to support HTSP and develop innovative ways to disseminate the HTSP messages to health providers and women in developing countries. We created an HTSP public service announcement that was used several African countries.

  • Educational Materials

Meridian has worked with private sector partners to produce health information and educational materials for low-literate people to increase knowledge and understanding of health products and services.  We are developing health education materials for workplaces in lower income countries in partnership with Bayer Pharmaceuticals as part of the Evidence Project/RAISE Health.  The materials are intended to be printed onsite and on-demand by workplace nurses as part of their health promotion activities with workers.