Integrated Maternal/Child Health, Family Planning and Reproductive Health (2006-2011)

The purpose of the TAKAMOL project was to promote an integrated model for strengthening maternal child health/family planning and reproductive health services in Upper and Lower Egypt; Meridian was responsible for creating partnerships with the commercial and private sectors to support the project goals.  By the end of the project, Meridian had negotiated 36 projects and leveraged over $2,300,000 to support Egypt’s national, governorate and local plans to improve reproductive health.  Business contributions ranged from large-scale contributions from multinational corporations (such as Proctor & Gamble and Barclays Bank) to more modest contributions from community members.

Meridian’s contribution to the project successfully 1) Increased corporate awareness of the role of the private sector in a vibrant, sustainable health system; 2) Increased corporate participation in public-private partnerships, primarily at the community clinic level; 3) Increased the involvement of civil society and government in fostering public-private partnerships in ways that are mutually beneficial and 4) Built models by which companies could sustain their engagement in community level health by engaging their core business, in cooperation with local clinics and the MOH.

Other partners on the Takamol project included Pathfinder (Prime), John Snow Incorporated (JSI), John Hopkins School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (JHU-CCP), and Health Care International.

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